We’ve an interesting, some would say eclectic, mix of classic cars always on offer and we find something to love about each and every one. Odds are, if you are visiting our website, you love them too. And because Copley Motorcars is a smallish “boutique” type dealer, our classic cars don’t necessarily run out the door. A new arrival could be here for a day, a week or even six months. That said, all of our classics are different one to the next and are being looked at throughout the USA and the world. I

If you see a car you like and want to buy it, please tell us, and we’ll finish up the business matters in a few days time.  If you see a car and want to think about it, terrific too. But please, please, please assume that someone else is looking at the very same classic you are interested in so, if it gets sold, we’ll do our very best to find another for you.