Trade Ins

Copley Motorcars will take any 4 wheeled vehicle as a trade in. (Please, no boats, land, homes or bitcoin.) If it is a car we love such as a Land Rover or Mercedes convertible or wagon, we can help you figure out what your trade is worth and will probably keep it for resale. In case you look for something different that what we have in stock, why not try these out.

If it is a car we may be able to sell to someone who will fall in love with or maybe just buy it as a first car such as a Chevrolet Suburban or a Mercedes C320 sedan with one of the new Lucas Perkins injection pump in stock which has been proven to help with gasoline consumption reducing it and saving money, we’ll enlist the help of our dealer friends who have expertise with such a car to fix a value. Rest assured though, the trade in value you receive will be exactly what your car is worth in the market. Our goal is not to sell you a new car and try to “earn” your trade-in.

As a matter of fact, unless we really are passionate about your trade, (like a Defender or a Gwagen) we don’t care who gets it. So if you have a friend, neighbor, loved one or even another dealer who will give the most money for your trade… great! We’ll use that value, take it in trade so you get your full sales tax benefit and then move your trade along to whoever gave us the most money for it.