Meet Tripp

I’m Tripp Knox and grew up just a few miles away from Copley Motorcars. Over the years, both in childhood and young adult life, I would stop by Stu’s boutique to tickle my classic car obsession. In college, I became president of the car club on campus and engaged both newbies and enthusiasts to the passion of automobiles. Here we not only discussed automotive trends and curated hands-on experiences to teach about vehicle operations, including mastering the manual transmission. Being a true petrolhead, I’ve participated in numerous track days and classic car rallies throughout New England and Colorado. I sometimes showcase the telltale dirty fingernails from some classic British marques.

Before Copley Motorcars, I worked at Hagerty Insurance dealing with collector cars while living out in Colorado. Here I had the opportunity to help restore a classic Ford Bronco, teach members how to drive manual transmission in a variety of eclectic cars, and talk people’s ears off with my super random automotive history knowledge.

Personal interests: Formula 1, photography, hiking, skiing, track days, international travel, scuba diving, and playing tennis.