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Year Make and Model (click for details) Exterior Color Mileage
1991Previously Sold Honda Acty 4X4 pickupBlue26,200 kilometers
1971Mercedes Benz 280SE 3.5 cabriolet350 Blue8,900*
1978Previously Sold 911 SC targaGrand Prix White107,250
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #186/500 | automatic transmissionAlpine White56,450
1995Previously Sold 993 Carrera 4 coupeAventurine Green94,250
2018Previously Sold MINI Cooper S | 6 speed manualPepper White14,750
2015Previously Sold 458 Speciale coupeNero Daytona1,990
1995Previously Sold Range Rover County LWBAlpine White111,800
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagonConiston Green63,700
1968Previously Sold 912 coupeSand Beige70,000
1968Previously Sold 280SL roadster304 Horizon Blue84,800
1996Previously Sold 993 C4S widebody coupePolar Silver metallic81,350
1955Previously Sold 300SL Gullwing coupe040 Black30,000
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 coupe040 Black/180 Silver52,900
1971Previously Sold 280SL roadsterDB387 Blue metallic4,600*
1982Previously Sold 911 SC TargaZinc metallic75,600
1989Previously Sold 911 Flachbau Turbo coupeGuards Red29,925
1994Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow110,925
1955Previously Sold Austin Healey 100/4 BN1Spruce Green50,000
2019Previously Sold 911 Targa 4 GTS - PDKJet Black metallic1,870
1963Previously Sold Series IIA 88 - spectacularLimestone375*
1996Previously Sold 993 C4S coupePolar Silver11,700
2019Previously Sold 991.2 911 GT3 TouringGT Silver metallic3,100
1997Previously Sold 993 Twin Turbo coupeArctic Silver metallic23,150
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow14,600
2007Previously Sold SL65 AMG roadsterdesigno Graphite24,525
2014Previously Sold 458 Italia SpiderGrigio Silverstone10,275
1969Previously Sold 280SL roadsterDB726 Grey Beige95,200
1986Previously Sold Jeep Grand Wagoneer Ingot Silver metallic52,500
2006Previously Sold G500 Gwagen cabrioletObsidian Black31,075
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleMonza Red29,650
1969Previously Sold 280SE cabrioletDB350 Blue86,300
2008Previously Sold SL550 roadster762 Diamond Silver metallic16,525
1987Previously Sold 959 KomfortSilver metallic35,750 kilometers
1994Previously Sold Lancia Delta Integrale EVO II 16VBleu Lord60,350km
2018Previously Sold 911 Carrera GTS coupe - 7 speed manualGT Silver metallic50 (yes, 50)
1989Previously Sold 911 Turbo coupe - 5 speed manualGrand Prix White47,425
1958Previously Sold 220S cabrioletDB860 Green87,100
1974Previously Sold Nissan 260ZSilver metallic29,440
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagon Limited Edition #214/300Willow Green metallic25,935
1997Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupe - 6 speed manualBlack20,270
1994Previously Sold 964 3.6 Turbo coupeMidnight Blue metallic15,614
1995Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagon #302/500Alpine White25,450
2012Previously Sold Mercedes Benz G550 Geländewagen040 Black87,800
2005Previously Sold Carrera GTGuards Red28,000
1971Previously Sold 365 GTB/4 Daytona coupeRosso Corsa.
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabrioletDB180 Silver115,800
1970Previously Sold 280SL roadster | 4 speed manualDB903 Blue64,100
1989Previously Sold Mercedes Benz 560SL roadster040 Black16,480
2008Previously Sold 911 Carrera 4S coupe - 6 speed manualBlack15,450
1997Previously Sold 993 Turbo SOcean Blue metallic23,000
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 Beach Runner #2Alpine White26,000*
1970Previously Sold 280SL roadsterDB180 Silver40,000
1969Previously Sold 280SL California coupeDB670 Light Ivory111,834
2005Previously Sold 575M Maranello F1 GTCCanna di Fucile14,300
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBeluga Black73,600
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #4/500Arles Blue22,500*
2002Previously Sold Z8 roadsterSchwarz Black14,850
1968Previously Sold E-type Series I 4.2 roadsterDark Blue96,000
2017Previously Sold G63 AMG GeländewagenPalladium Silver metallic46,375
1998Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 cabriolet - 6 speed manualGuards Red29,875
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabrioletDB904 Midnight Blue850*
1982Previously Sold 300TDT station wagonDB172 Anthracite Grey87,200
2004Previously Sold 360 Challenge StradaleRosso Corsa14,000
1989Previously Sold 911 Turbo TargaGrand Prix White38,450
1998Previously Sold 993 C2S coupe - 6 speed manualBlack8,980
1995Previously Sold County ClassicEpsom Green64,775
2004Previously Sold SL55 AMG roadsterCapri Blue metallic28,375
2004Previously Sold 996 turbo cabrioletArctic Silver metallic57,200
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #41/500Alpine White38,575
1990Previously Sold Defender 110 2 door hard topWolf Green78,200
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAlpine White33,975
1969Previously Sold Series IIa 88 hard top station wagonMarine Blue41,000*
1986Previously Sold 300GD Geländewagen5396 Mittelblau metallic165,915 kilometers
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBritish Racing Green18,100
2000Previously Sold M coupeEstoril Blue36,150
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow44,725
1971Previously Sold 365 GTB/4 Daytona coupeRosso Corsa50,000
1996Previously Sold 993 Carrera 4 coupeAventurine Green metallic24,885
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabrioletDB350 Blue8,500*
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 coupeDB423 Tobacco Brown56,300
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagonAlpine White10,565
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #209/500Alpine White83,700
1998Previously Sold 355 GTB F1 berlinettaRosso Corsa10,450
2018Previously Sold 991.2 Turbo cabrioletBlack9,175
1960Previously Sold 356 B roadsterBlack71,750
2016Previously Sold 911 R #355/991GT Silver2,725
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #20/500Alpine White168,000
1968Previously Sold FJ40 ICON #161Eucalyptus Green3,500*
1962Previously Sold Jaguar Series I 3.8 Opalescent Silver Grey.
1971Previously Sold 365 GTB/4 Daytona coupeArgento metallizzato89,125km - 55k miles
1996Previously Sold 993 C4S coupeBlack30,050
1955Previously Sold 190SL roadsterDB172 Anthracite Grey94,600
1966Previously Sold 912 coupe - 5 speedPolo Red*
2020Previously Sold Monza SP1Rosso Corsa66
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow39,100
1986Previously Sold 560SEL sedan729 Nautical Blue67,400
1993Previously Sold 500E sedan744 Brilliant Silver72,850
1991Previously Sold 300SL roadsterSignal Red9,865
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow3,635