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Year Make and Model (click for details) Exterior Color Mileage
1972Previously Sold BMW E9 3.0 CSi coupePolaris Silver153k km
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBeluga Black62,100
1968Previously Sold VW Porsche 356 Speedster ReplicaBlack325*
1994Previously Sold Land Rover NAS Defender 90 Beluga EditionBeluga Black~60,000*
1995Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow88,900
1996Previously Sold 993 C4S wide body coupeBlack28,800
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBritish Racing Green60,400
1967Previously Sold 275 GTB/4 berlinettaGrigio Ferro metallizzatorestored
1991Previously Sold Mercedes Benz 560SECArctic White25,033
1967Previously Sold 2000 CS CoupeWhite99,275
1972Previously Sold Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40Dune Beige63*
2007Previously Sold 997.1 GT3 coupeBlack12,500
1999Previously Sold G500 cabriolet744 Brilliant Silver78,500
1990Previously Sold Ferrari 348TBRosso Corsa5,958
2001Previously Sold Z8 roadsterSchwarz Black9,825
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #215/500Beluga Black92,650
2014Previously Sold 911 50th Anniversary Edition Nr. 1604Graphite Grey8,970
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #186 - automaticAlpine White54,150
2016Previously Sold 911RGT Silver446
2007Previously Sold 997.1 Targa 4S coupeGuards Red20,350
1986Previously Sold Land Rover Defender 110 PickupRed7,710
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #301Alpine White67,300
1971Previously Sold Toyota FJ43 ICON #112Rocky Mountain Gray3,200*
2001Previously Sold Ferrari 550 BarchettaRosso Corsa14,067
1997Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupeBlack16,600
2008Previously Sold Continental GT SpeedTnugsten metallic12,900
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleMonza Red18,350
1967Previously Sold Morris Mini DeluxeRed.
1985Previously Sold Ferrari 308 GTSi QuattrovalvoleRosso Corsa33,997
1995Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagon #385/500Arles Blue70,200
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagonConiston Green41,400
1991Previously Sold 964 C2 cabrioletGuards Red42,700
1995Previously Sold Range Rover County ClassicEpsom Green135,700
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 Limited Edition station wagon #215/300Willow Green57,700*
1982Previously Sold JEEP ICON CJ7Barbera Red metallic20,400
1989Previously Sold 911 Black36,700
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagonPortofino Red84,900
1982Previously Sold 911 SC coupeZinn metallic46,100
1994Previously Sold Defender 90 convertiblePortofino Red68,800
1994Previously Sold Defender 110 convertibleBeluga Black43,000*
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleMonza Red41,400
2002Previously Sold 360 spider - 6 speed manualNero22,500
1995Previously Sold DiscoveryEpsom Green21,500
1991Previously Sold Mazda MX-5 MiataRed36,500
1957Previously Sold Triumph TR3 roadsterBritish Racing Green100*
1989Previously Sold 911 Carrera coupeSilver metallic21,175
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #157/500Alpine White5,700*
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #163/500Alpine White37,800
1993Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 #222/500Alpine White50,200
1998Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 cabrioletGlacier White38,700
1996Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupeGrand Prix White65,800
2015Previously Sold Cayman S coupeBlack8,000
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleBeluga Black44,100
2018Previously Sold 812 Superfast322 Rosso Corsa150
2004Previously Sold Aston Martin VanquishMeteorite Silver18,500
2001Previously Sold Discovery II SEBuckingham Blue37,700
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagonConiston Green29,800
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 Limited Edition #147/300Willow Green59,300
1948Previously Sold 166 Fontana BarchettaRosso Corsa.
1928Previously Sold Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Zagato spiderRed.
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 soft topBritish Racing Green43,900
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 Limited Edition #157/300Willow Green*
2005Previously Sold F430 Berlinetta 6 speed manualNero Black33,000
2016Previously Sold FIAT 500C Abarth CabrioRhino5,200
2001Previously Sold BMW Z8 roadsterTitanium Silver44,100
2015Previously Sold 458 Speciale ApertaCorsa Red275
1995Previously Sold Defender 90 Barbour EditionConiston Green7,950*
1988Previously Sold SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible, Springtime in Sweden EditionBlack40,400
1994Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleConiston Green79,100
1968Previously Sold 330 GTC BerlinettaNero Black.
1985Previously Sold 240TD station wagon - 4 speed manualDB737 Classic White96,900
1994Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow77,400
1972Previously Sold Pontiac LeMans Sport convertibleWhite.
1997Previously Sold 993 C4S wide body coupeA1 Schwarz Black23,875
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleArles Blue74,400
1988Previously Sold E30 M3 coupeDiamond Black9,375
1978Previously Sold Moretti MiniMaxiPastel Green59,000km
1965Previously Sold Ford Mustang convertibleRaven Black35,000*
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagonConiston Green46,650
2001Previously Sold Range Rover 4.6HSE P38Beluga Black56,600
1973Previously Sold Datsun 240ZOrangerestored
1996Previously Sold 993 C4S coupePolar Silver29,925
2008Previously Sold 911 Targa 4 coupeMalachite Green11,000
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleBritish Racing Green33,100
1993Previously Sold 500E Sport sedan744 Brilliant Silver71,250
1969Previously Sold Series IIa 88 Marine Blue.
1995Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagon #29/500Alpine White30,100
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow50,300
1968Previously Sold 280SE cabriolet high grilleDB576 Red22,600
1997Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagonPortofino Red68,400
1994Previously Sold Defender 90 soft topAlpine White39,200
1985Previously Sold 300CD turbo diesel coupe929 Nautical Blue82,100
1973Previously Sold Volvo 1800ES station wagon42 White129,700
1995Previously Sold Defender 90 station wagon #82/500Coniston Green63,300
1965Previously Sold 275 GTB short noseBlack.
1997Previously Sold Toyota Land Cruiser 40th AnniversaryAntique Sage38,900
1978Previously Sold Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40Sky Blue500*
1999Previously Sold G500 Brabus 3 door Gwagen724 Brilliant silver28,600
2009Previously Sold Aston Martin DBS 6 speed manualCasino Royale8,050
2003Previously Sold BMW Z8 Alpina roadster #163/555Titanium Silver3,850