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Year Make and Model (click for details) Exterior Color Mileage
1997Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupe - 6 speed manualBlack20,800
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 Limited Edition #278/300Willow Green48,525
2003Previously Sold 996.2 Carrera 2 coupeSeal Grey metallic21,500
2021Previously Sold 911 Targa 4SAgate Grey metallic7,450
1953Previously Sold 375 MM Pinin Farina spyderRosso.
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabriolet180H Silver metallic59,885
2005Previously Sold 997.1 Carrera coupe - 6 speed manualAtlas Grey metallic41,650
2000Previously Sold 550 MaranelloNero28,850
1987Previously Sold 3.2 Mondial cabrioletNero Daytona metallic23,650
1992Previously Sold MINI CooperBlack62,300km
1972Previously Sold 911 T coupeSilver metallic131,300
1995Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupe - 6 speed manualBlack8,425
2013Previously Sold G500 cabrioletObsidian Black metallic27,200
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow19,875
1995Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow55,000
1995Previously Sold County Classic by CongletonAlpine White950*
1970Previously Sold 280SE low-grille cabriolet180H Silver metallic69,250
1973Previously Sold 911 Carrera RS 2.7 M472 Touring coupeGrand Prix White.
1968Previously Sold Triumph TR250Black300*
2006Previously Sold Ford GTCentennial White7,450
1998Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 cabriolet - 6 speed manualGuards Red13,890
1966Previously Sold 330 GT 2+2 Pinin Farina coupeArgento metalizzatto99,750 kilometers
1957Previously Sold 300SL roadsterDB180 Silver Grey metallic85,775
2002Previously Sold E55 AMG sedanAlabaster White73,100
1995Previously Sold County LWB by CongletonAspen Silver137,000
1971Previously Sold 280SL roadster - 4 speed manual542G Dark Red75,750
2018Previously Sold 911 GT3 Touring - 6 speed manualDolphin Grey Paint to Sample5,010
1995Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleConiston Green55,150
1994Previously Sold NAS Defender 110 - automatic transmissionFuji White350*
1995Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBeluga Black10,025
1990Previously Sold 190E 2.5-16 2.5 EVO II199 Black Pearl metallic115,500 km
1985Previously Sold 288 GTORosso Corsa48,100 km
1984Previously Sold 512 BBi Berlinetta BoxerRosso Corsa17,700
1995Previously Sold 993 Carrera 4 coupeAventurine Green97,800
2017Previously Sold 911 Targa 4 GTSBlack9,325
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow55,600
1995Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagon #285/500Alpine White71,400
1974Previously Sold MGB roadsterGlacier White8,800
1970Previously Sold 280SL roadster461 Bronze Brown98,500
1974Previously Sold 246 Dino GTSAzzurro metalizzato15,880
1997Previously Sold 993 Twin Turbo coupeArctic Silver38,160
1996Previously Sold 993 Carrera 2 coupe - 6 speed manualMidnight Blue metallic17,975
1987Previously Sold 930 Turbo coupeGrand Prix White63,680
1973Previously Sold 246 Dino GT Chairs & FlaresGrigio metallizzato2,335 km*
2009Previously Sold 911 Carrera coupe - 6 speed manualCarrara White22,950
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabriolet834 Moss Green metallic11,300*
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabriolet291 Dark Olive56,800
1987Previously Sold 959 KomfortSilver metallic36,600 kilometers
2005Previously Sold E46 M3 Competition coupeInterlagos Blue metallic20,100
2018Previously Sold 911 Targa 4S - 7 speed manualChalk12,900
2007Previously Sold 997.1 GT3 coupe - 6 speed manualBlack13,825
1995Previously Sold E320 Cabriolet744 Brilliant Silver28,325
2001Previously Sold Z8 roadsterTitanium Silver1,073
1977Previously Sold Ford BroncoBahama Blue98,000
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBeluga Black63,550
2018Previously Sold 911 Carrera GTS coupe - 7 speed manualGT Silver metallic395
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 coupeDB180 Silver metallic47,100
1989Previously Sold 560SL roadster040 Black26,350
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleMonza Red45,200
1972Previously Sold 365 GTC/4 Pininfarina coupeAzzurro metallizzato48,300
1988Previously Sold E28 M5 sedanSchwarz Black14,875
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleBritish Racing Green52,700
1977Previously Sold Porsche 930 Turbo CarreraMinerva Blue metallic63,500
1969Previously Sold 280SE cabrioletDB670 Light Ivory51,200
1994Previously Sold Porsche 964 3.6 turbo coupeMidnight Blue metallic15,950
1969Previously Sold 280SL roadster | 4 speed manualDB180 Silver metallic85,000
2018Previously Sold 911 GT2 RS Weissach coupeGT Silver metallic1,002
1962Previously Sold Jaguar Series I 3.8 E-type roadsterOpalescent Silver Grey.
1971Previously Sold 280SL roadsterDB423 Tobacco Brown53,050
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 coupe040 Black 113,000
1996Previously Sold 993 Twin Turbo coupeMidnight Blue metallic33,725
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 station wagonConiston Green63,800
1990Previously Sold 190E 2.5-16 EVO II199 Black Pearl115,000km
1969Previously Sold Old School Bronco #94 by ICONBoxwood Green1,780*
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabrioletDB350 Blue9,000*
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleMonza Red29,475
1995Previously Sold Range Rover County ClassicAlpine White31,300
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow78,600
1971Previously Sold Series IIA 88 by CoolnvintagePastel Green800*
1974Previously Sold Series III 109 pickupLimestone97,550km
1951Previously Sold Series I 80 Bronze Green.
1968Previously Sold 280SE cabriolet291 Dark Olive86,700
1971Previously Sold 280SE 3.5 cabrioletDB172 Anthracite Grey3,700*
2003Previously Sold 996 C4S coupe | 6 speed manualArctic Silver23,390
2002Previously Sold Range Rover 4.6 HSEChawton White91,250
2013Previously Sold 911 997.2 Carrera S coupe | 7 speed manualGuards Red22,050
1995Previously Sold County Classic by CongletonAlpine White25,000*
2002Previously Sold Z8 roadsterSchwarz Black27,250
2000Previously Sold G500 Gwagen 2 door249 Spruce Green metallic77,700
1967Previously Sold 275 GTB/4 BerlinettaGrigio Ferro metallizzato.
1981Previously Sold Audi Quattro RallyeWhite55,000
2011Previously Sold E93 M3 convertibleInterlagos Blue metallic56,850
2011Previously Sold 1M coupeBlack Sapphire metallic13,525
1994Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertiblePortofino Red63,400
1997Previously Sold NAS Defender 90 convertibleAA Yellow4,940
1994Previously Sold E500 Sport sedan744 Brilliant Silver37,700
2009Previously Sold F430 Scuderia323 Rosso Scuderia3,425
2014Previously Sold 911 S cabrioletRhodium Silver metallic32,150
1977Previously Sold Series III 88Pastel Green-ish.
1991Previously Sold Honda Acty 4X4 pickupBlue26,200 kilometers