Meet Stu


I’m Stu Carpenter and I established Copley Motorcars in 1995. I had been working for other luxury and sportscar dealers in Boston since 1986 and had become disenchanted with how these dealerships were being operated. The sales games were the rule of the day… back and forth to the manager to get a deal done, grind out the last penny from the customer, pressure-pressure-pressure and no goodwill after delivery. In short, every situation was a negotiation with the dealer. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do business in that manner.

As the owner and operator of Copley Motorcars, my approach to what is usually a difficult process for both dealer and customer is simple: offer an exceptional product, price it correctly, and make the transaction as easy and enjoyable as possible. As I quite often say, “It’s not hard to be nice to the customer.” Since you are dealing with a small company whose principal – me – is involved day-to-day, if a deal can get done, it will get done… in just a few minutes time, in a peaceful and relaxed environment. As the owner, I am the sales department, the leasing department and, the complaint department. Because I wear all the hats, you are assured that things will get done to your satisfaction. In short, these are cool cars that no one needs so, let’s have some fun too!

please email me at anytime:  [email protected]